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Tufte Wear was founded by Olaf Tufte, a farmer and Olympic Champion with a mantra of “it ́s always possible to improve”. He started experimenting with bamboo rayon to improve his rowing suit before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and since then our products have crossed Greenland, rowed across the Atlantic, climbed the world ́s highest mountain and won the Marcialonga, Vasaloppet, World Cup and both summer and winter Olympics.

We want everyone to know that when wearing our products, you are guaranteed a product that is safe for your body and skin. Our products are Oeko-tex 100 certified, which is an independent certification guaranteeing that our clothes don ́t contain damaging chemicals and are safe for everyone, also people with sensitive skin.

Even though the bamboo rayon we use is of the very best quality, for both the environment and our bodies, we always strive to improve. We have therefore developed a material that is equally soft as bamboo rayon but where the fibre is produced in an even more environmentally sustainable way. This new fibre is also more durable, which means more durable products and less waste. SoftBoostTM was launched in 2017 and can be found in our Essentials collection and all our underwear, t-shirts and tank tops in the Everywear collection.


We focus on eco-friendly materials and bamboo has always been our most important raw material. It is fast growing, requires no extra watering, no artificial fertilisers, and no harmful pesticides. We have made a promise to ourselves and nature, to limit the use of plastic fibres in our clothing. In addition to bamboo, we use only pure Merino wool, recycled polyester, and organic cotton. We have extended this fundamental sustainability focus to our packaging as well, which are create solely of cardboard and therefore fully recyclable.

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