OMG (Oh My Goodies) is a collection of goodies which inspire my mindful, healthy living.

Life can get very busy. There was a time in my life when I was looking for a space to take a time-out, so I started to build my own little sanctuary at home. I took 2 hours off at the weekend, and smudged the entire room with white sage, make myself a nice tea, pick a book to read, mix essential oils for my skin, and I topped it all off with some meditation.

Since then, this little cozy corner has opened a space for me, mentally, to rejuvenate and slowly feel more connected with my inner self. Together with the study of Mindfulness from my yoga practice, I gained a new understanding of what I want to do, how to take care of my well-being and found a sweet balance in my life. Most importantly, I learnt to appreciate the moments, I learnt to appreciate the NOW.

I have benefited so much from my experience (and still am) and I hope to encourage people to spend the time to get comfy and enjoy the present. Goodies in OMG are the things I like to have in my ritual. They share stories to raise awareness for a good cause and I hope this sharing of love can connect people around us and eventually give back to people who are in need and our planet.