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ANIA Rose Immortelle Mist

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Mist on for fresh, hydrated skin all day

A refreshing rose-scented toning facial mist infused with youth preserving and soothing Immortelle Flower. Suitable for all skin types.




Instant refreshment for dry & tired skin
Cleanses pores and tones skin
Soothes red, inflamed skin
Delicate scent enhances mood


 100% Pure & Organic Damascena Rosewater. 

To hydrate and nourish for healthy skin that glows.
what is in it
Immortelle flower. This beautiful African flower is rich in flavoinoids and acetephenones and is known for its restorative and soothing properties.
what is in it
Aloe vera. Aloe is light, healing, and hydrating. It moisturises the skin without leaving a greasy feel.
what is in it
Leucidal (Radish Root ferment). Natural plant-based preservative derived from radishes.
what is in it


As a facial toner 
Spray directly onto cleansed face, or onto a cotton pad. Then gently wipe cotton pad across the entire face. You can follow up with your favourite moisturiser. 

For all-day facial hydration 
Gently mist directly onto the face (with eyes closed) whenever your skin feels dry.